What a Call Center is and how it works

What a Call Center is and how it works

What a Call Center is and how it works

CALL CENTER, or Albanian as “Call Center,” is a grouping and organization consisting of technological tools or equipment, information systems, and human resources, which are capable of managing incoming telephone calls or even sent to a particular company. Therefore, this means that it is a powerful tool, which can ensure the performance of all necessary and necessary actions, with the sole purpose of meeting all that is considered the expectations and requirements of the clientele or customer.

Thanks to sophisticated technology, it has become possible to filter the calls received by customers themselves, sending them, based on requests, to the most capable and convenient operators to assist, as well as make possible the realization of automatic calls from operators to customers or consumers, through capable systems which manage to “recognize” a busy number
1, one that does not exist, or an incorrect number
2, thus allowing operators a significant saving of their time of activity.

All services provided connected with incoming call requests are defined and expected in that service sector known as Inbound Service. Some of the typical Inbound service activities are those related to:

1) Providing information about the company’s services,
2) Assisting in specific issues,
3) Counseling
4) Reporting and providing solutions for interruptions or malfunctions of individual assistance.
In terms of services provided by outgoing calls, from the operator to the customer, they are defined in that service sector known as Outbound Service.

The activities that are related and implemented by this service sector are those that are related to:

1) Promotion of various services and products,
2) Providing and providing information about the company or specific products,
3) Conducting various surveys which aim to determine the degree of customer satisfaction, etc.

Over time, many different companies, to provide services of both of these sectors, such as Inbound and Outbound, have made combined use of the telephone network channel, with other tools and communication channels, such as:
1) Physical facilities (such as counters or receptions),
2) Fax,
3) E-mail,
4) Vveb, etc.

What is today called the call center or Call Center?

The contact center, or what is known as the Contact Center, consists of the formation and provision of a personalized service or service based on users’ characteristics and needs. Thanks to the use of these combined tools, telephone communication manages to turn into a real relationship, which allows you to know the client based on his expectations and personal needs, as well as allows the company to properly evaluate the products or services it needs to offer to meet their needs. . This is achieved by using the information gathered as well as improving its internal organization.

Thus is born “Customer Relationship Management” 3 (CRM), a set consisting of organizational procedures, tools, and data archives created in a company to manage relationships to improve customer relationships. It is an approach to managing and interacting a company with current and potential future customers, analyzing customer history data with a particular company, and improving business relationships with them.

Customers, focusing specifically on meeting the desires and needs to achieve retention of current customers and increase sales to new customers. In the Call Center, this new approach allows creating a close and continuous relationship with customers. The contact center takes on the role of customer care because it manages customer relationships throughout the life cycle. Life (Goi, 2005).

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